Factory of Black wire in China - FIVESTAR GROUP

Founded in 1997

Focus On Wire series of products

    We supply the customized and localized product by some of Chinese trading company from 2004 year. These products through process improvement,  while they are fit the local applied characteristics, but also be more beautiful and durable.

Power factory

    Our factory established in Anping,China, here is the world's largest wire mesh Production base. Our factory's building area has 120 square kilometers, and got the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification to ensure the product quality and delivery time.

High quality service

     With the similar production cost of Chinese-made goods, we know that the important factors for you to choose the suppliers are which is more professional and experienced. Each order has trained sales staff to follow up the whole entire process, providing professional timely service, seeking to protect the customers'profit and keep long-term cooperation.

Competitive price

   We have long-term and stable cooperation partners for the material supply and shipping and other sections, which makes our black wire and other products have a good price advantage, and guarantee the goods' delivery time. For the details please contact us.

Our Product

We are specializing in the production of Black Annealed Wire, Electro Galvanized Wire, Hot-dip Galvanized Wire, Steel Wire and Florist wire.  It's a set design, development, manufacturing, sales and services in an integrated enterprise.

Have any questions, you can contact us for help.

We have the most professional sales and technical staff, to provide you with all the series of wire products consulting services.

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